Parsons Challenge 3

Decay can be natural and it can be man-made. Man has always created and designed life to be comfortable, beautiful and purposeful. But what would happen if all man made creations decayed? What would happen if the homes we live sleep and eat in become filled with mold? Man tends to migrate, destroy, then move on to something better, leaving an unfixable trail of damage behind them. As responsible and intelligent inhabitants of the world we must stop this cycle, before it is too late.

A man designed and created this house. Its sole purpose is to shelter people from the harsh conditions of the world around them. Once people lived in the house, people were raised in the house and people died in the house. Now demolished and decayed the sole purpose of this space is to house dirt, grime, mold and an odd, out-of-place tire.

There is cycle that is created once a home is made. People move in, people move out, no one comes back to see what they left behind them. Eventually the house becomes abandoned. With no one to care for the house there is nothing keeping it from the cold, vicious hands of decay. The foundation in the house breaks down, the bricks crumble and then plants start to grow.

Although this house has become a horrific sight, when I looked at it I felt optimistic. I saw the life rising from death and the dirt. The photograph you see is not a depiction of real life, it is my perspective of what happens after decay; rebirth.

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